Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Baby Girl!!!

Evangeline Duy and David Paetkau first met when David took a palates class in 2000.

During a trip to Greece in 2007 to celebrate Duy's father's 75th birthday, Paetkau proposed on the shores of the island of Santorini.

On Monday 12/13/2010 David and Evangeline welcomed a new baby girl to the world. I can honestly say that I believe that they will make amazing parents! Good Luck and I wish you the best David.

Manslaugher is set to come out soon Ben Schwartz is also another actor in that film, and he is currently filming Goon.

I also heard today that on CTV, lucky Canadians, Flashpoint will begin airing new episodes, so check your local listings!


  1. Awwww... Congrats David I think he'll b a gr8 daddy!

  2. He is amazing. I want to see his part so badly in " Man of Steel". The 10 million fans all miss Sam!

  3. I miss Flashpoint, miss the actors ans storylines.